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What are cookies?

Cookies are harmless files that are placed within the web browser on your device. They might record how long you spend on each page on a site or what links or images you have clicked - giving us an indication of what content visitors are viewing.

The information Priderock Limited collect

When we seek your permission - often we will use your information in accordance with your specific consent or instructions: for example, because you have requested or consented to receiving certain information, e.g blog updates via email or have submitted a message, complaint or feedback from our forms, you may occassionally be sent marketing emails of our services and products, which you can opt out anytime.

How we contact you

We will contact you in accordance with your preferences, including by email, phone or by SMS text. We always seek to explain why and how we might contact you at the point you give your information to us.

Protecting your information

In regards to the new data protection legistaltion - GDPR - we take your data and information very seriously. We always comply with protecting your data when processing. Priderock Ltd will never distrube your data to any third parties. Although we do store your information, but only to contact you and target you with our services and products like special discounts and offers. Information such as name, email and phone number will be stored when you contact us through our online forms.


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